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On April 18th, the SSA Sports Center has organized Children’s Games for students aged 6-9. The Games took place in two days 18-19, took place at Tran Thai football stadium, District 7.

IMG 7437

IMG 7549

SSA Sports is the only sports center currently teaching and training football and basketball with skills. SSA Sports is aiming to become the best sports training center in Southeast Asia.

This sport is divided into U7 and U9. The U9 consists of 12 teams, divided into 3 rounds of one round to score the top two teams and the second best team to play in the semi-finals. Championship will win the Plate.

The U7 consists of five teams that will kick one round, the highest of which is the champion.

IMG 7604
The players are preparing for the match
IMG 7616
Teammates carefully watched the first match from the outside


IMG 7563
The game was quite intense. In the photo, two small friends with “pretty tight” enemy players
IMG 7469
“Follow the heels” to the end of the border
IMG 7642
On the plus side, the Hong Kong ambulance – onehealth ambulance is available to “help” when there is a case of injury players.
IMG 7456
While waiting for his team to kick, this young player played the game pretty spectacular
IMG 7474
Mid-term break, the young players reward themselves candy and soft drinks


IMG 7478
The players line up neatly preparing for the closing ceremony


IMG 7503
“Smile not off” on the winning face

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