That is one of the noteworthy points mentioned at the workshop “Eye Disease Screening” was held last week at Hong Duc General Hospital (HCMC), with the participation of BS. Cki Ngo Thi Thuy Vy, from the Eye Department of Hong Duc General Hospital.

According to BS. Thuy Vy, in many eye diseases, conjunctivitis (red eyes) and cataracts are the two most common and most prevalent pathologies. Contaminated living environment, coupled with the subjective in eye care that eye diseases today tend to rejuvenate.

1. conjunctivitis (or pinkeye)

Conjunctivitis (or pinkeye) is a common disease common in our country. It often causes discomfort in the eyes and affects much of the day. If not treated in time will cause serious complications such as: corneal ulcers …

This includes all manifestations: inflammation, infection, irritation, allergy … of conjunctival mucosa. The conjunctiva is the mucosa covering the back of the eyelid (conjunctiva) and the front of the sclera (conjunctiva).

Picture of conjunctivitis.
Conjunctivitis has symptoms such as: hot flashes, pruritus, heavy eyelid, foreign body feeling; Pain, fear of light, watery eyes; Eye power is not reduced if there is no complication of corneal inflammation, when the discharge, tears, the patient feels like fog; Erythema (the cause of secretions may be clear, dilated, morning glory in viral conjunctivitis, or pus, fake membrane, bacterial pseudobulb); Papillae and seeds; Dilatation; Node before ear.Complications of conjunctivitis are usually caused by:

– Infections by bacteria in poor hygiene.

– Infections with the following strains: Adenovirus, Enterovirus.

– Allergies to pollen, dust, makeup powder …

– Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.

Complications of conjunctivitis due to infection and infection often spread rapidly from one person to another.

Many types of conjunctivitis tend to cure themselves like viral conjunctivitis. However, there are some types of conjunctivitis with dangerous complications such as corneal ulceration and possible perforation of the eyeball.

So when your eyes are red, irritated, pruritic, itching …, it is necessary to go to the medical center, the hospital has ophthalmology specialist to diagnose cause and treatment. timely.

2. Cataract

Cataract is a condition in which the transparent part of the lens becomes opaque, preventing light rays from entering the eye and causing vision loss, which makes it look like fog.

Popularly known as bracelets, dried beads ….

This condition is related to old age. 80% of patients age 60 and over.

Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, steroids and long-term steroids and diseases such as diabetes are at high risk. In young people, cataracts can be congenital or traumatic.

Cataracts usually show signs of blurred vision; Colors are blurred; Looking beyond the bright, the dazzling, the halo. Read books and watch TV or drive late at night.

To prevent cataracts, according to BS. Vy, we can protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays by wearing sunglasses regularly when going out to the streets; Have a reasonable diet; Stable treatment of diabetes, hypertension and smoking cessation; Regular eye check every 1-2 months.

Participants questioned the ophthalmic pathology to BS. Consultation at the workshop.
In treatment, the new lens does not affect much vision, which can be used to slow the cataract, even in a cataract. However, in general, cataract surgery is a surgical removal of the perforated glass, to place the artificial lens to restore vision.The most common method of cataract surgery is the Phaco method. Immediately put the Phaco in to crystallize and suck out. Then place the artificial lens without any stitches.

Fast, painless, less complications with fast recovery eyesight are the advantages of the Phaco method. Hong Duc General Hospital is one of the hospitals that has introduced this advanced cataract treatment.

Here are some pictures at the workshop:

Eye exam activity for BS attendees. Thuy Vy at the workshop

A talented performance by two members from the Nhat Hong Helpline.

BTC representative presented gift to two representatives from Nhat Hong Deafness Support Center.

The booth sells exquisitely hand-made products of the members of the Nhat Hong Center for the Deaf.

Participants receive free health checks at Hong Duc General Hospital at the end of the program.

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